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About EyeviewTM

Eyeview helps marketers to communicate with each consumer using personalized video ads

The best of both worlds

Eyeview combines the effectiveness of TV with the efficiency of digital personalization.

A personal connection

Eyeview personalizes your video assets to ensure relevant communication with all your consumers and prospects.

Measureable performance

From digital exposure to in-store sales, Eyeview measures the return on  every aspect of your media investment.


VideoIQ solutions deliver complete, personalized and measurable video advertising. Everything you need to succeed from ad serving to analysis


VideoIQ uses consumer and prospect data to create individualized video versions, while our personalized audience activation delivers with precision.

Measurement and optimization

VideoIQ measures and optimizes every aspect of your campaign to maximize ROI – creative, media and audience.

Insights for action

VideoIQ tracks every creative version and interaction along the purchase path, so you can optimize your strategy.

Case Studies

Moving online consumers to take offline action

Land Rover connects Tier 1 and Tier 2 objectives to increase brand awareness and generate local leads.

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Matching consumers with products to drive performance

Ace Hardware reaches consumers with relevant and local brand messaging.

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