Eyeview’s full-stack video personalization technology is the only one of its kind that bridges the gaps between media, audience buying, personalized creative, optimization, and analytics. The output is the delivery of the most effective, best performing video advertising campaigns in the market.


Eyeview’s unique innovation, VideoIQ, is the ‘brain’ at the core of Eyeview’s technology. Built from the ground up with personalization in mind, VideoIQ works continuously across campaigns to conduct real-time data modeling, analyze consumer behavior, optimize for ROI, and provide granular analytics and proven performance lifts across a variety of metrics. The result is the delivery of unlimited brand messages tailored to each consumer’s journey, and proven returns on ad spend for brands.



VideoIQ is the world’s only real-time video optimization engine that integrates personalization, audience, and performance all into one. An intelligent decisioning instrument, VideoIQ works in harmony with every component of Eyeview’s technology to optimize for ROI in real-time, utilizing insights gathered through each stage of consumer journey. From identifying relevant audiences, to matching each consumer to a personalized brand message, VideoIQ delivers unprecedented optimization and returns on ad spend across campaigns.


Brand Portal

Eyeview’s Brand Portal is the definitive gateway to campaign insights and management for brands. An interactive interface that displays campaign activity and performance at a granular level, the Brand Portal ensures that each brand message features the right product, promotion, price, location and more. A sophisticated dashboard enables brands to adjust campaign information on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis, keeping messaging, offers and products fresh, relevant and on-schedule.


Dynamic Video Renderer

Eyeview’s Dynamic Video Renderer is an innovative, high-speed rendering engine built for personalization. Utilizing a base video asset and a content feed generated from the Brand Portal, it renders personalized elements into ad scenes in real-time, and can generate an unlimited number of personalized videos, matched to the right consumers. The Dynamic Video Renderer is fully responsive and delivers broadcast-quality ads designed to fit in any screen size and work seamlessly across devices


Integrated Data Hub

Eyeview’s integrated data hub is the first of its kind to consolidate audience, creative, and measurement all in one place. Combining granular brand information and third-party data from our partners, along with consumer data from our own massive data warehouse, the data hub works in tandem with VideoIQ to provide 360-degree consumer insights. The data hub analyzes consumers holistically, from who was targeted, what personalized message they received, and how they responded. VideoIQ works in real time to continuously optimize throughout the process and provide the data hub with the most comprehensive insights on each consumer’s journey.


Programmatic Real Time Bidder

Eyeview’s sophisticated media-buying platform is the only personalized real-time programmatic bidder that utilizes analytics across audience, context, creative, and measurement via VideoIQ’s intelligent optimization algorithms, making granular personalization possible at scale. Using real-time machine learning and insights from VideoIQ, Eyeview’s RTB can match each unique consumer with a highly personalized, relevant video ad. Eyeview utilizes high-quality exchanges and publishers that deliver viewable, brand safe inventory, effectively maximizing ad spend for each campaign.