Campaign Highlights
Dealership Association Sees 7X ROI
$7.83 return for every $1 in ad spend
29% more sales among exposed viewers
912 more cars moved off the lot

TriHonda is a Tier 2 auto dealer association operating in the New York City tri-state area, one of the largest and most competitive markets in the nation. TriHonda challenged Eyeview to deliver positive ROI through 1-to-1 video marketing.


Leveraging consumer data, local dealership pricing, offers and geo-fenced perimiters around individual locations, Eyeview delivered personalized videos to local in-market auto shoppers. Deploying a data-driven conquesting strategy, Eyeview targeted in-market shoppers interested in competitor models with messaging that compared key differentiated features of TriHonda’s model inventory against competitors. Each video variation included a local map to the shopper’s closest dealerships along with local pricing and offers. The videos were delivered to consumers across desktop and mobile media.


In-market auto intenders who owned competitor models and lived within geo-fenced perimeters of TriHonda’s dealership locations.


Eyeview’s automotive offline sales algorithm delivered over 8,800 personalized video variations to nearly 8 million viewers, driving them to TriHonda’s dealerships to purchase.


The campaign drove nearly $1.5 million in incremental profit, of which 88% came from featured models.