Creative & Audience Performance Engine

Predictive audience and messaging

VideoIQ leverages nearly a decade of marketing campaign performance data to understand, on an elemental level, what aspects of video messaging work for individual consumers. VideoIQ correlates cross-device consumer data and granular brand and product information with scene level, sight, sound and motion attributes. This allows us to deliver a predictive recommendation on one-to-one video messaging that drives purchase behavior.

Dynamic Video Renderer

VideoIQ’s patented video-rendering engine is powered by unique video creative and consumer profile information to scale a single video asset into millions of broadcast-quality one-to-one video variations. Each video is infused with data about relevant products, promotions and messages

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Predictive Video Messaging
Programmatic Video Engine

Results-Driven Decisioning Engine

VideoIQ’s results-driven decisioning engine applies predictive performance algorithms and real-time machine learning models to deliver the most relevant messages to individual consumers across television, desktop, mobile and Facebook. VideoIQ evaluates over 20 billion real-time ad opportunities daily—each in under 35 milliseconds. Every decision is made based on numerous parameters evaluating the likelihood of a specific one-to-one message to drive action while maintaining industry-leading media quality.

The more campaigns we run, the more we learn, the better your return is.

Our video marketing platform learns from nearly a decade of Eyeview executions, millions of videos and granular insights to understand what works and what drives sales in video. Machine learning algorithms continuously learn and improve operational efficiency, creative effectiveness and overall return on ad spend.

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Reach your consumers wherever they’re watching video—on their favorite websites, mobile apps, TV programs and social platforms.

Cross-Screen Audience Reach

Eyeview provides marketers with a market-leading infrastructure to access high-quality, brand safe and viewable media sources as well as seamless incorporation of existing publisher relationships.

Eyeview’s access to audiences spans all screens including television, desktop, mobile and social media. Leveraging integrations with open market, private marketplace and premium partnerships, Eyeview accesses nearly 99.5% of US online viewers (ranked #1 on comScore for potential reach).

Cross Screen Video Audience Reach
Dynamic Video Advertisements

Dynamic Ad Delivery

Cross-screen video ad server

Eyeview’s third-party Cross-Screen Ad Server works with all major ad servers, video ad formats and TV providers to deliver video across desktop, mobile, addressable TV MSOs and programmatic TV SSPs.

Responsive creative delivery

Eyeview’s responsive creative delivery allows marketers to activate video campaigns holistically—seamlessly delivering relevant video creative across screens.

  • Wideorbit
  • Clypd
  • Innovid
  • Sizmek
  • Dish
  • DirecTV
  • Comcast
  • DoubleClick

A Complete View of Your Video Campaign

We believe that the quality of media inventory is critical to delivering business results. Thus, highly viewable inventory is a key ingredient to delivering the greatest ROI from video.

Advertisers should have full view of where their ads are run, who is seeing them, how often and how much of their ads are being seen, and the results and costs of their media delivery.

Eyeview provides complete transparency to our clients with comprehensive reporting that includes: media placement, viewability, fraud and audience delivery, as well as campaign KPI and performance results.

Complete Video Marketing Campaign View
Externally Validated Measurement

Externally Validated Measurement

As the industry shifts toward ROAS and outcome-based marketing, Eyeview is uniquely positioned to help marketers take advantage of the changing mindset. It’s time to move from media metrics to guaranteeing sales of real cars, tubes of toothpaste and hotel rooms.

  • Nielsen Catalina Solutions
  • J.D. Power
  • Nielsen Buyer Insights
  • Cardalytics
  • Oracle / Datalogix
  • Mastercard
  • Neustar
  • Acxiom
  • Placed