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It’s time to move past media metrics and ad delivery.
It’s time for video to drive results.

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Product-level retargeting proves that delivering the right product, to the right individual consumer drives sales

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1-to-1 Video Marketing that Drives Sales

Eyeview delivers one-to-one video marketing solutions that drive sales and return on ad spend.

Video can do more for marketers. Outcome-based video marketing goes beyond media delivery metrics and directly connects to business results—from online conversions to foot traffic and offline sales.

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Outcomes beat media outputs.
Any day. Every day.

VideoIQ® Technology

VideoIQ® leverages data to understand your consumer and business on an elemental level to construct the most relevant video messages that drive action.

VideoIQ employs the industry-leading, results-driven technology that applies predictive performance models and real-time machine learning to deliver one-to-one video across TV, desktop, mobile and Facebook. 

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