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Life at Eyeview: Earth Day, Pride, Beer Pong and Baseball

By Eyeview Staff

Eyeview takes pride in being a hard-working team, but our day-to-day work life is also about having fun. Through monthly and weekly company-wide events, we bring our various departments together for activities and events that celebrate the Eyeview spirit.

Here are some highlights from events in Q2 2017.

Earth Day

Earth Day is all about getting outside and, if you can, helping Mother Nature a little bit. To underscore our commitment to the environment, Eyeview partnered with New York Cares to clean up trash at Merriam Playground in the Bronx. We spent the day outside with hundreds of other companies and over 4,000 volunteers at parks across New York City to make a positive impact. 

Bring Your Kids to Work Day

On April 27th, Eyeview was invaded by more than 30 youngsters for our second-annual Bring Your Kids to Work Day. Our employees rose to the challenge of making the experience special by writing and performing an original song, dressing up as superheroes and organizing a scavenger hunt to help them get a better sense of what their parents do at Eyeview and have some fun in the process. Everyone pitched in to make it a memorable day for the kids and something they would want to come back to the following year.

Cross-Office Beer Pong Tournament

Eyeview’s Second Annual Beer Pong Tournament successfully bridged players across our New York and Chicago offices. Using a video feed, our cross-office teams were able to play each other in real time (with mock setups for each of the competitors’ cups). Playing capabilities were not hindered by the virtual match-ups and even resulted in a New York vs. Chicago championship game!

Pride Month

Here at Eyeview, we embrace our pride in the LGBT community and held a celebratory kickoff for Pride Month for the first time this year. We went all out with a cross-office trivia game that has games, prizes and music, and our New York office even brought in a drag queen, Paige Turner, as the MC for the event, making it one for the books. We’re looking forward to making this an anticipated annual event!

Eyeview Out to the Ball Game

No matter who you’re cheering for, Eyeviewers love going to baseball games. Early in the season, we had a big office outing in New York to the Yankees vs. Red Sox game. With many New York and Boston fans in the house, the smack-talking was at an all-time high, but the Red Sox fans accepted their defeat with a smile. In Chicago, the analytics team ventured out to a White Sox game for peanuts, beer and some good old-fashioned team bonding.  

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