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Life At Eyeview: More Than Just A Holiday Party

By Julie Harnik

Question: The 2011 NBA Finals was played in two arenas sponsored by (and named for) what single corporation?

Do you know the answer? This was one of the mind-boggling questions from one of Eyeview’s first trivia nights – we had so much fun we decided to make these a regular occurrence. (See answer at the bottom of the post).  


 Trivia Night was one of our most popular ways to get together and celebrate towards the end of the year.  Here’s what else we’ve been up to:

Sweet dreams were made of treats at the 2017 Annual Dessert-Off:

Our Creative Team was the King of the World when they took home best group costume for portraying the entire cast of Titanic at our Halloween Party.


Eyeviewers love at least two things – our diverse culture and food which come together at our Annual International Potluck.  This year’s highlights included ramyun, blinis, riga sprats, dak-bokkeum-tang, arroz con gandules, babka, peach cobbler, braised pork belly and a lot more.  

We continued our #eyeviewgivesback initiative this holiday season by partnering with New York Cares to show our support and commitment to the communities in which we live and work.  Eyeviewers donated over 40 coats to their annual coat drive and answered over 50 winter wishes from children of all ages and backgrounds.


And no year would be complete without our annual celebration of a job well done. Coast-to-coast parties brought Eyeviewers together for one last party before the year was done.






Answer: American Airlines

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