Events / June 3, 2015

Moving Metal: Detroit

By Eyeview Staff

On June 2, Eyeview hosted a private dinner at Republic in Detroit to discuss how auto marketers can win with online video. Our guests offered valuable insights on personalized video and learning about its use in their marketing efforts.

There are still challenges marketers face when it comes to measuring online video, as those working at Carat mentioned, but we are happy to see that everyone seems ready to tackle them. Team Detroit posed an excellent question – what is personalization? – that opened up a dynamic discussion on what it means to everyone, leading us to discuss how important it is to know your audience, an invaluable insight from the folks at UM Detroit.

We would also like to thank the Nielsen team, the folks from GM at Carat, and our friends from TruSignal and Polk for sharing their insights on how personalized video can improve the work process between auto brands and dealerships and jumping in on the discussion.
We look forward to continuing these conversations with auto marketers. Until next time!

Eyeview Staff

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