Blog / February 14, 2017

We’ll See You at OUTCOMES

By Eyeview Staff

Video advertising is evolving. As tried and true marketing formulas are proving less reliable than ever before and video consumption is at an all-time high, marketers are turning to video to not only accomplish branding and awareness objectives but also deliver an unprecedented level of accountability and innovation.

OUTCOMES, a Beet.TV leadership summit, is bringing together the individuals and companies that are leading the emergence of outcome-based video marketing in one place, for the first time. It’s at the convergence of data, media and creative that marketers are finally able to leverage video marketing strategies to drive measurable ROAS.

On March 9, the leaders in outcome-based video marketing will come together for a one-day event to discuss everything affecting this rapidly growing category of video advertising. Speakers include: Tom Rogers, Chairman and CEO, TRget Media; David Moore, WPP Digital Chairman, Xaxis; Andrew Feigenson, CRO, Nielsen Catalina Solutions and many more, representing the most important viewpoints in the industry to help advertisers move their video campaigns toward more concrete metrics.

Learn more about the event here, and we’re looking forward to seeing you on March 9 in New York!

Eyeview Staff

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