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Publisher’s Letter: Welcome to the Outcomes Magazine

By Eyeview Staff

The following was originally published in the inaugural issue of OutcomesDownload the full magazine here. 

I started my professional career doing media training for doctors. I had no formal experience, besides the fact that I suffered through yearly sinus infections and my father was a physician. Not the type of résumé that would jump out and suggest “hire this guy,” but there I was, educating highly trained specialists on the secrets of conducting a successful interview.

Although an early start, if you fast forward 20 years, I’ve since presented countless ideas, built thousands of presentations and launched many products and initiatives—some nascent, like the first shoppable video on Facebook, and others attempting to save dying categories (margarine) or broken brands (Kmart).

In this time, I’ve observed that the best marketers leave room for possibilities. They’re open to the new and different and aren’t afraid to champion ideas, often against a stiff headwind of opposition.

All of this brings me to Outcomes—a magazine. We’re in the golden age of digital, video and artificial intelligence, and every digital media consultant is quick to inform you that print is a dying medium, which begs the question “Why make a print magazine right now?” Well I’ll tell you.

Outcomes MagazineAs marketers, we set strategies and tactics, build briefs, test, learn and challenge ourselves (and others) to stay ahead of the curve. But these days, just understanding the curve is a daily endeavor—What’s in? What’s out? What’s lasting? Where should we spend our time, focus and resources? In the midst of a marketing landscape that is more unpredictable than ever, we decided to launch

Outcomes with a specific vision:

  • Outcomes is written for, by, and about the most progressive marketing leaders.
  • The magazine creates a larger discussion of how the intersection of data, audience, media and creative work in tandem to drive measurable results across video and digital media.
  • We’re inviting marketers to participate in building a dialogue that is ahead of the market.

Our inaugural issue is expertly curated by our editor, Melanie Franke, and dives into topics such as the promise of addressable TV (Watching the Future of TV, p. 40) and the digital media industry’s shift to performance marketing in an interview with LUMA Partners CEO, Terry Kawaja (What’s Up with Ad Tech? p. 30).

A recent eMarketer study showed that video is the fastest growing medium in terms of time spent with the channel, which highlights yet another issue for marketers: what does the future hold for the current digital media mix? We take an in-depth look at the challenges of creating and implementing a balanced media strategy in today’s complex advertising world in “Mixing Media” on p. 22.

Whether it’s media training physicians or developing new product launches, I’ve come to the conclusion that success is all about desire, experimentation, improvisation and failure. Some might suggest that this very magazine is a risk, but as serial entrepreneur and writer Seth Godin said best, “Human nature is to need a map. If you’re brave enough to draw one, people will follow.”

We hope our coverage encourages you to think beyond traditional boundaries and lead conversations that define the path ahead. Here’s to drawing your own road map.


Eyeview Staff

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