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How to Best Leverage Facebook Video Advertising

By Eyeview Staff

Facebook video views are expected to exceed two trillion this year. With Facebook video advertising on the rise, what should marketers be thinking about when considering putting video ad dollars towards the king of all social networks?

To help answer this question, we’ve broken down some common questions around Facebook ads and included a few key tips to ensure you are getting the most value out of the platform.

How do video ads work on Facebook?

Video ads on Facebook are built to properly quantify how many people are being reached. Facebook videos reach more viewers than any other platform and offer the opportunity to upload directly while automatically optimizing your video so it gets in front of those most likely to view it, but making your videos stand out is more important than ever because of the intense competition.

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How do I account for ROI?

Unfortunately for brands, video on Facebook has traditionally been viewed as an awareness and branding play, with many marketers just repurposing TV spots and measuring success through impressions, views and completions. It’s much more than that.

At a high level, video advertising on Facebook should be used with ROI in mind, not purely for reach. Marketers need to leverage granular data for targeting, optimize the messaging and creative and measure the campaign’s success.

Additionally, marketers must focus on metrics that really matter like sales, business outcomes and market share.

While there are certainly more questions to be answered about Facebook video (see what our CRO, Jason Baadsgaard has to say), let’s dig into a few tips on how to best leverage Facebook video advertising.

Tip 1: Create an integrated campaign

A Facebook video campaign should not be a stand-alone campaign. Marketers must look at their cross-channel video strategy, including advanced TV, desktop, mobile and social to ensure they are all working together.

Tactically speaking, one of the things Facebook does particularly well is rich data targeting. Leverage Facebook to get unique audiences that you may not capture on other channels, then tailor the message to resonate with that audience.

Tip 2: Optimize creative for the Facebook audience

From a visual perspective, the ad creative should fit the Facebook platform. As noted above, simply reusing a TV commercial may not be the best way to go.

Download our guide, Creative Best Practices for Facebook Video!

Remember, the marketer has a small window of time to catch the viewer’s interest in viewing the full ad so make sure to position the brand message first (in the first 1-2 seconds of the ad). Additionally, many people visit Facebook when they are at work or on the go. Optimize the creative for muted video, with tactics such as subtitles.

Tip 3: Set and measure true KPIs

Although Facebook may be seen as a branding play, we implore brands to go beyond that. Measure the success of the campaign by examining the results of each creative asset with its target audience and optimize to KPIs such as conversions, using Facebook’s conversion tracking pixel, or offline sales, using one of Facebook’s measurement partners.

The Bottom Line

Take advantage of the doors that Facebook video advertising can open for your business but be mindful of what your goals are. The tools that are present inside Facebook can be leveraged to create a strong ad that has the opportunity to reach exactly who you want to target. The platform is growing and can be extremely effective for reaching your business’ marketing goals.

Eyeview is an official Facebook Marketing Partner. Visit our Facebook video page or reach out to the Eyeview team with any questions.

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