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How to Remonetize Video Marketing Assets for New Campaigns

By Melanie Franke

As a marketer, you invest substantial budgets in the initial life of a campaign when creating new assets. You can track returns from that initial investment once the campaign runs, but what happens to those assets when the campaign ends?

They’re probably sitting on your brand’s site somewhere or on a YouTube channel waiting for someone to rediscover how great they were originally—but mostly, they’re just gathering internet dust.

Smart marketers remonetize marketing assets from the past for new campaigns and ROI in the future. Here are a few ways to take existing online video marketing assets and give them a new life.

Rework Existing Video for Greater Impact

Videos are a costly production, so you might as well do everything you can to extend their life and see more return on the investment.

1. Add Product Images

Every person is unique, so you want to connect with them in a relevant way. Create unlimited versions of an existing video asset that each show a different product that will be most relevant to different consumers.

Using the same video as a base, marketers can use their owned and third-party data to determine who is viewing each video, and then show them a product relevant to their needs and expressed interests.

With hundreds of product images at your disposal, you have the ability to create thousands of different video variations for each consumer without paying to produce new videos.

2. Add Location Information

Personalization presents a big opportunity for marketers and location is a great place to start. With customer data and targeting, you can add an easy-to-read map to each ad showing the consumer exactly where to find your closest location.

If you have location-specific promotions, infuse that messaging into each ad as well. This way, consumers only see the deals and information that are actually available near them.

3. Add Weather/Daypart Data

Wouldn’t it be great if you could market to consumers based on the weather in their area? For example, an outdoor retailer would want to market raincoats to people on rainy days, or down jackets to their audience on colder days. The same goes for time- or date-specific promotions; serving an ad for a Labor Day sale to a consumer after Labor Day has passed makes your marketing message irrelevant.

The great news is you can. Infusing your video with weather and/or daypart data allows you to market the right product to the right consumer, just when they need it most.

 4. Add Feature Messaging

Every person has specific preferences when they evaluate an item for purchase. This differentiation is possibly most pronounced in the car-buying process. For example, some people are interested in convertibles, some want to hear about safety features and some want to know how eco-friendly the vehicle is.

Using consumer data, you can create multiple versions of the same video that highlight the various features of your product. By pairing that with consumer data, people will see the ads that speak most to their expressed interests when it comes to purchasing your product.

5. Shorten for Social

Most marketers have a 30-second TV ad that tells their full story. The problem? Facebook recommends only using 15-second ads on its platform and users’ attention span is typically only 8 seconds. Thirty seconds is just too long for social media. Create a different, shortened version of your 30-second creative for social audiences, allowing you to remonetize that larger asset for a different channel.

This tactic is particularly important as social media algorithms have shifted from focusing on photos to emphasizing video. In the words of Gary Vaynerchuk, “The content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing on social for your business is video. Period.”

The Bottom Line

Online video is a very effective marketing tool, but you don’t need to break your budget every time you launch a campaign. By looking at what you already have, you can remonetize marketing assets for a new tactic and continually drive traffic to your site and stores.

Learn more about how these features work.

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