/ June 3, 2015

Eyeview’s Accelerator Auto Solution Bridges Gap Between Tier 1 Branding & Tier 2 Regional Communications

By Eyeview Staff


NEW YORK, June 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — EyeviewTM, the leading personalized online video advertising platform, today announced that it has launched Accelerator, its auto offering to bridge the gap between Tier 1 automotive branding and Tier 2 regional promotion and sales events. Eyeview’s solution allows regional auto dealers to harness a single Tier 1 video asset and personalize it to drive audiences to dealerships and influence offline sales.

In today’s automotive communication, there’s a gap between the emotional brand-focused messaging of Tier 1 and the timely, regional communication of Tier 2. Both are influential messages in the buying journey and Eyeview’s Accelerator helps bridge that gap. With Accelerator, Eyeview can serve the most relevant video advertising possible while data from TruSignal and measurement from JD Power ensure precise targeting, optimization and robust analytics that deliver high performance for a brand campaign at all stages of the consumer purchase cycle.

“Big auto campaigns on TV have tremendous reach and hefty budgets that regional dealers cannot duplicate, and it’s a challenge to take advantage of that influential branding to move product at the local level,” said Erik Schear, VP of Sales at Eyeview. “Eyeview’s Accelerator offering is a solution bringing powerful local relevancy to Tier 1 video assets without sacrificing branding. Our personalization capabilities ultimately create the intent to buy, reaching customers online and driving foot traffic and sales.”

Accelerator works in partnership with JD Power’s online to offline analytics (O2O) and TruSignal’s big data and predictive analytics. Combined with Eyeview’s first-party buyer and prospect data, insights include previous purchases, prospect qualification, and online and in-store visitation. Eyeview uses the information to create an endless video ad library and serve the most relevant version of a brand’s creative based on user-level data such as geographic location, life stage, auto body style preference and attitudinal cues. The right message is delivered against granular lifestyle preferences such as brand loyalist, gadget lover, or travel enthusiast.

“Automotive tends to be one of the most forward-leaning industries when it comes to digital advertising and this collaboration with Eyeview offers a new, better way to effectively reach their precise audience,” said Pete LaFond, VP of Marketing at TruSignal. “Together, we’re breaking new ground in the advertising industry with a cross section of consumer intelligence and execution that empowers brands and agencies to drive true campaign results.”

For more information on Eyeview and Accelerator, please visit www.eyeviewdigital.com.

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Eyeview fuses the effectiveness of television branded advertising with the efficiency of digital personalization technologies: enabling brands to maintain effective, efficient and measurable individual consumer relationships.

Our VideoIQ platform provides video advertising solutions that drive measurable performance by leveraging video personalization technology, individual consumer data, real time media buying and optimization, fused with traditional television content.

Brand marketers using Eyeview’s vertical specific solutions are able to go beyond awareness, and tie ad exposure to purchase activities such as product research, lead generation and offline sales. Eyeview partners with Fortune 500 leaders in Automotive, Retail, CPG, Travel, QSR and Entertainment, including P&G, Land Rover, Lowe’s, Marriott and more.

Headquartered in NY, Eyeview has offices in Chicago, Detroit and LA.

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