guides / August 30, 2016

Your Guide to Advanced TV

Right now, 78% of marketers have already leveraged some form of advanced TV in their marketing efforts.

At the end of 2015, the median budget for advanced TV was at $1.4M – with 70% of marketers expected to spend more in 2016. This isn’t a video channel that’s slowing down any time soon. However, because the idea of advanced TV is still relatively new, we’ve noticed a fair amount of confusion in the marketplace. What is it? What is it capable of? How can marketers utilize it?

To help alleviate that confusion, we’ve put together “Advanced TV in a Nutshell,” a quick two-page review of the types of advanced TV, how they work, and what they can help marketers achieve.


Advanced TV in a Nutshell


Melanie Franke Content Marketing Manager

Date: 08.30.2016