Omnichannel Sales

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Campaign Highlights
$8.70 ROAS
$8.70 return on every $1 in advertising spend
250+ different products
510,000+ personalized video variations delivered

A top-10 retailer challenged Eyeview to deliver ROAS from video by driving omnichannel transactions during two major sales events.


To identify active shoppers, Eyeview onboarded the retailer's CRM file from Acxiom, via LiveRamp. The CRM file enabled Eyeview to find customers who recently shopped and understand their past purchase behaviors like shoe buyers and home-goods purchasers. This granular customer data informed targeting and personalized video messaging. Furthermore, Eyeview integrated a product feed from the retailer as well as 850 store locations to infuse video variations with local product, pricing and promotional offerings most relevant to the viewer. Real-time sales event countdowns were leveraged to motivate immediate action. The call-to-action in each video contained a map to the shopper's closest store as well as an interactive CTA button to drive online shopping. Eyeview generated over 510,000 video variations delivered across desktop and mobile devices.


Active retail shoppers who purchased in recent months were identified using CRM data and geographic proximity to individual store locations.


Eyeview's omnichannel sales algorithm for retail sales delivered 510,000 personalized videos to 2.2 million shoppers based on retail CRM data, local products and promotions and time leading up to key sales events.


Eyeview delivered a $8.70 return on every $1 invested. Omnichannel sales were measured and reported by the retailer utilizing CRM purchase data.