Creative Affinity Data

Eyeview's proprietary creative affinity clusters empower marketers to impact creative execution at a granular and impactful level before, during and post campaign. Using our own proprietary behavioral psychology model, we have completely deconstructed what a video is to understand, on an elemental level what message resonates with which consumer. Eyeview provides brands with the knowledge of which brand messages, deals, ad lengths and emotional aspects are more effective for them to create, in order to connect with their audience.

Semantic Video Indexing

Eyeview applied behavioral psychology concepts to an automatic tagging system the indexes individual videos at a deep and elemental level. Machine learning, computer vision and human assisted automation index videos by narrative, structural, contextual and emotional aspects.

Video Rendering Engine

Creative Recommendation & Optimization

Results Driven Decisioning Engine

Media Supply and Activation

Eyeview makes it simple to reach your audience through a robust infrastructure with access to open market, private marketplace, premium partnerships and integrations with key programmatic platforms. Eyeview enables seamless execution on Facebook as a certified Facebook Marketing partner and activation across addressable TV platforms through direct relationships with all major MVPDs.

Closed-loop Measurement

Eyeview partners with industry leading measurement providers to provide proof and insight into how video campaigns perform on a granular level. Deep integration with measurement providers allows ongoing granular insight into creative that drives consumer action. It's time to move from media metrics to guaranteeing sales of real cars, tubes of toothpaste and hotel rooms.