The Bottom Line: Fraud & Methbot

Methbot, a recent cyber scheme discovered by White Ops, showed that advertisers were paying up to $5 million a day for video ads that were never seen by real people. This caused alarm for many brands as they were primarily paying for engagement metrics, which can easily be manipulated and become a target for these kinds of schemes.

In response, P&G—an enormous digital advertiser—said they had enough of this fraudulent media ecosystem. According to AdExchanger, “P&G doesn’t want to buy fraudulent ads anymore. After a White Ops audit turned up fraud, the company realized that the criminals were better than P&G would ever be.”

At Eyeview, we’re on board with P&G’s decision. Moving to more concrete metrics that show real sales—not just how many views your video had—across the ecosystem is an important step for the entire video marketing industry.

Our CRO, Jason Baadsgaard, shares his views on the matter and why the move to more outcome-based metrics is the only answer in an industry ripe for cyber schemes.

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