Outcomes beat outputs. Any day. Every day.

Marketers are under pressure to demonstrate ROI across channels. Future budgets and businesses will depend on it. Building brand equity while driving relevant, local and timely messaging is key to drive performance.

Connecting video advertising spend to sales

People are watching more video than ever before, yet marketers are hard-pressed to figure out how to drive performance by leveraging video as a revenue-generating marketing tool.

Revenue Generating Video Advertising

One-to-one video marketing is the
next big revenue driver

Marketers understand that video is the most powerful communication tool. They understand that one-to-one, data-driven video drives action.

Eyeview makes one-to-one video possible—and it's proven to drive outcomes

On an elemental level, VideoIQ®, our programmatic video platform, knows what works in a video and what doesn’t, and we can construct the most persuasive one-to-one video message to motivate consumers to take action towards a purchase.

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Data Driven Video Communication

Decisioning technology that
drives relevancy

Our results-driven decisioning engine applies predictive performance models and real-time machine learning models to make billions of decisions each day. We deliver the most relevant video messages to every consumer across television, desktop, mobile and Facebook.

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Service and Expertise

  • The more campaigns we run, the more we learn, the better your return is.
  • We know video. We know what works and what doesn’t.


Our strategy team develops and nurtures a deep knowledge of your business needs and challenges and merges them with an understanding of the requirements needed to deliver effective, outcome-based marketing campaigns.


Eyeview’s creative and post-production team employs designers, visual effects and animation specialists working on industry-leading design software as well as our proprietary technology to produce and edit broadcast-quality video ads that are tailored to your business needs.


Eyeview’s analytics and decisions sciences teams create sophisticated models and algorithms that help predict customer behavior, produce advanced customer segmentation, optimize performance and deliver actionable insights for every campaign.


Eyeview’s engineering teams are at the bleeding edge of cloud computing, big-data analytics and video post-production technologies.


Eyeview’s media teams empower you to identify and target the most relevant consumers for your business needs across desktop, mobile, TV and social media.


Eyeview's campaign managers and technical operations teams escort campaign execution to ensure all the components are implemented and executed correctly and ensure focus on achieving campaign object

Outcome Measurement

Business outcomes are measured by independent and trusted measurement companies utilizing a test and control method to ensure reliable results.

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